It’s Not My Fault, By Via Getty

One year later, the legendary lectern thief from the Capitol riots (dubbed “Via Getty” by Twitter) breaks his silence.

Alice C. Minium
9 min readJan 7, 2022
via getty stealing lectern from capitol building
Via Getty/Via Getty

Hello, my name is Via Getty. Or that is what you call me now. I am fine with it. I like attention. I love attention. Literally any at all.

I just wanted to let you know it’s more complicated than it seems. Please don’t judge me by that one photo. I was having a great time, but it’s not what it looks like. It’s a far more complicated story.

Please listen to me. I need to be heard. My name is Via Getty. Listen to my words.

Once upon a time — actually, forget that, too long of a story, and I’m already on trial for sedition. (Did I attempt to incite an insurrection? Yes. Overthrow the United States government? Yes. Literally, attempt to overthrow representative democracy and institute a feral mob as Robespierre-esque government instead alongside a Nazi militia? Honestly, yes.)



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